Launching our new blog

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Launching our new blog.

Here at Oddberry we encourage our staff to try out and test the products that we sell to help ensure the quality of our stock.

It has to be said that we are a bunch or horny F#@kers and the team often share stories of their conquests or sexploits at work.

It occurred to us that our customers might actually find this useful in deciding which products to buy – so we now encourage the team to share (as much as they want) on this blog.

We don’t restrict them to only the products we sell – and we have encouraged them to highlight any drawbacks that it would be useful for your to know about.

Let’s face it.  You will add your own comments anyway if something is more of a cheap gimmic item rather than a pleasure giving sex toy – so we may as well help you choose wisely first time.

Above all – we want our customers to be happy.

If you have any stories you would like to share – please add them to the comments on our shop website  – the best ones might get added to our blog and earn you a free gift!

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